The 2nd Annual JL Experience


The 2nd Annual JL Experience is October 5th - 12th, 2019. You don’t want to miss this. This is why you bought a JL.

Our experiences are an adventure of a lifetime. 7 days of wheeling. Only 10 people are selected from thousands of entries. Location is only revealed after you're selected. It's all about the experience from beginning to end!

Since 2009 Mel Wade has been hosting a new style of Jeep Adventure called the JK-Experience. When the JK was first released high profile events didn't see the Wrangler JK as off-road capable as it's predecessors. JKX proved them wrong. 10 years later and the JKX is still going strong, but now we've added a 2nd adventure exclusively for JL owners.

The premise of the event is that there are 10 sponsors and 8-10 participants who must meet stringent requirements (i.e., sport cage, minimum 37″ tires, etc.) and submit an application in the spring–crossing their fingers they get selected for the trip of a lifetime. You are notified approximately 4 weeks before the event as to the starting and ending location. Once there every day is a surprise as to where you will end up. The only thing that is not a surprise is that there is going to be hard core wheeling and some spectacular site seeing along the way.

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